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Daily (Or When The Mood Takes Me) Gripe: Gay Sex Sites

Fuck me! I must be close to 160yo in Gay Years…at least that is how old I feel by the time I’ve wondered around a couple of the gay sex apps that are available. We politely like to refer to them as gay “dating” apps but let’s keep it real! If you have a profile on one or more, you check them regularly for oinks, woofs or squeals…whatever, then you are either hunting for a fuck, or a good dose of rejection! More of the latter than the firmer if you are several centuries old, as I am!

The very first site I joined, the only thing I lied about in my profile stats was my age – I knocked 10 years off it, being deluded enough to think it would make a difference. Everything else I was upfront about…perhaps a bit too much! It must have taken me about 20 tweaks to get it right…though still no action. I oinked guys…all to no avail….they oinked me, then when you tried to get a little bit of action out of them….there was always an excuse…I’m too tired!…I’m turning in for the night…etc etc! I had subscribed to this group, so I was paying money to play silly-buggers with a group of guys who just didn’t seem to care. I made a sort-of-friend out of it…thought he’d be a goer originally when I started messaging him, but when I finally got him to visit, he had more hang-ups than a charity phone-in! I’m still not sure where it’s going. As for the site…I’ve moved on.

Oh…did I mention I have a disability? Yep! 60 AND disabled. Also HIV*.!I copped the fucking triple whammy there, didn’t I! Severely vision-impaired! Totally freaks people out so it seems. I don’t know why! Maybe they think they are going to have to help me get around! Or that I might need some sort of care! Or that I mightn’t be able to find their cock or arse! Or maybe I’ll look like a total freak! Though I am more inclined to think I am seen as damaged goods, and that they do, in reality, just discriminate! There! It’s said! Discrimination is rife on these sites. And it is not just against disabilities! It is ageist, racist, hiv-status, cock-size discrimination. WTF!

Gay men and they discriminate! It’s not all that fucking long ago that we were the ones yelling discrimination when they wouldn’t give us law reform! And gay men whO discriminate against HIV+ guys I just don’t get at all!

I have 4 apps on my iPad. The grand total of encounters to date is – i skittish non-event; one sexual encounter at 4am after a bottle of wine and which I choose to forget; 2 actual fulfilling sexual encounters with really nice guys; and one guy waiting for me to arrange to have a coffee with. This out of probably close to 60
profile checks over all the apps. And not including the twinks-having-a-wank-while-I-do-dirty-talk-chat with them.

But some guys deserve to get nothing, I have to say. If you are going to put a body shot up…don’t hold your breath or hold your hands above your head to try to look slimmer…you look like you are trying to look slimmer! Don’t NOT not put in a photo…I don’t care if you are bi or otherwise…no photo, no chat;; DON’T put photos of flowers, or trees, or your dog, or a beach in place of a profile picture; don’t lie about your age,or cock size; look up the word “defined” regarding body type, in a dictionary; say SOMETHING about yourself or what you are looking for as well as your stats; be honest and upfront. If you are going to put “Prefer not to say” in every field, you deserve to be ignored!

And for the guys who use them…stop being wankers! Develop some ethics; stop discriminating; learn some manners; treat others as you want to be treated; respect others beliefs, and feelings; stop being self-indulgent; and, for heaven’s sake….

Develop some humanity!

Tim Alderman
Copyright 2014


Daily (Or When The Mood Takes Me) Gripe: The World; The Country

What is it with media these days! They have always been prone to exaggeration, to embracing “the big whopper”, but this current usage of the terms “The World….or The Country…” is now at the stage of true annoyance!

“The photo of the Royal baby George that The World has waited for.”

“The photo’s from the celebrity wedding (insert name) that The World has waited for!”

” The video of Beyonce That Everyone is excited to see!”

“The ebola fear that has terrified The Country

“The shots of our Princess Mary that The Country has been waiting for!”

Well fuck me…I must be a totally boring moron…none of these things interest, excite or terrify me…or millions of other people!

Every time I hear it now, I cringe! But of course it is modern media, so what else should I expect.

This is the dumbing down of news that the current media indulges in. The theory seems to be that if they say something often enough, no one will notice it. Wrong! Some of us do! This is tied into giving things like celebrity weddings prominent places in news reporting ahead of items that really do have importance. There was a time when these news snippets – especially anything regarding Celebrity – would have been at the tail end of the news, if indeed mentioned at all. In this perverse world we live in, Celebrity takes prominence over all else. It is a very sad indictment of the world we live in. Plagues happen; wars are being fought; people are being murdered; earthquakes and volcanoes are destroying peoples lives. But Beyonce is dancing! This is all about making trivial issues more important than they are!

Look at the state of our jokingly named Current Affairs! Tradies ripping people off; neighbourhood disputes; how many germs and bacteria live on a kitchen sponge; people ripping off social security; someones home being trashed by tenants. In my book, Tracy Trimshaw has lost all her reporters credentials by reporting on this rubbish! Could explain why The Project has a huge following.

I’d like to think that real news would become real news again, but I think disappointment will be my lot.

That being the case, i’d at least like to hear news readers and reporters tell us that…..Some People would be interested in photos or videos of aroyalty and Celebrity…NOT the whole world or country!

Believe it or not…there are still some intelligent people around!

Tim Alderman
Copyright 2014