Political Snippet: The Death Knell of Extreme Conservative Politics?

Are we finally witnessing the “getting of wisdom” of the hoi polloi? Is everyone with half a brain finally seeing that it is a futile exercise pandering to the extreme conservatives in our midst! Here, we are withessing a Liberal lefty towing the party line to the detriment of not only his own reputation, but the LNP in general. I didn’t expect miracles when Turnbull took over from the Abbott donkey, but I did hope he’d stand by his own convictions, andgive  the party line the big fuck-you! What a disappointment that was! In America, Trump is on a HItleresque mind trip, advocating violence, and a party line that seems to be a “promise them everything, but give them nothing” mentality. I could never be a fan of the GOP under any circumstances, but like the Abbott government here, they seem intent on brand destruction…on a major – never to be recovered from – scale! Even the most die-hard right wing conservative must be able to see the demise of the Presidency if this farcical horses-arse gets in! What world leader – in their right mind – would want to even acknowledge him! One has to wonder if a set of gun-sights isn’t aimed at him, just waiting for the right moment.

In Britain – according to a doco I saw recently – even the extreme right-wing racist radicals are giving up the fight as their causes are hijacked by those with even more extreme agendas.

One can only hope that in a world teetering on the edge of insanity, that common sense will again prevail, and that sanity, fairness and equity will win out.

Tim Alderman (C) 2016

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