Political Snippet: Gun Control? What Gun Control!

I don’t normally comment on American politics, as…well…it’s not worth commenting on! But the current situation as regards the NRA over there simply can no longer be ignored. Maybe it’s time the world spoke up about it! Seeing as American politicians on both sides of the floor seem too gutless to tackle the NRA…and the issue as a whole.. .maybe others with ethics and morality, who aren’t influenced by an outdated section of their Constitution – I’m sure the founding fathers and framers of theoriginal Constitution (a) never foresaw the day when guns would be as prevalent as they are, and (b) so many maniacs would have access to them, and certainly NOT the simple types of guns that were available in THEIR time! It really is out of control over there. 45…YES 45…school shootings SO FAR this year says something is VERY wrong! We only needed ONE massacre HERE – Port Athur – to have gun laws tightened! The “gun buyback scheme” implemented by the Howard Government, and supported by both houses of parliament AND the elrctorate, was highly successful, and saw banned firearms removed from our streets. To date, there have been no further massacres here. Says it all, really!

They need to start turning the blame back on the NRA…blaming them for every death that has, is and will happen, and blame them for being the stubborn, arrogant, uncaring organisation they are. Wouldn’t take long for the backlash to happen. The politicians currently just pander to them…they need to stop looking at their own selfish ends, and tackle the NRA head on! Fucking gutless wonders! All those people who have had the most hideous deaths, all the families in sorrow, all the communities left bereft and in a state of shocked mourning, caused by “leaders” who just continue to let it happen…again, and again, and again as if it doesn’t matter! 

In any other age, in any other place, this outrage would never be allowed to get this far, let alone continue! Even President Obama is despairing of it all! The NRA has this much clout because it has been allowed, by the politicians and the people, to gain it! Unfettered power is immoral and abhorrent in the wrong hands…and the NRA is definitely the wrong hands to place this power in!  

It’s time TO TAKE CONTROL OF THE UNVONTROLLED ACCESSABILTY AND USE OF FIRESRMS! That your society feels the need to have guns in their constant possession, that you can’t live without them, that you constantly uphold your “Constitutional right to bear arms” is just sad! And pathetic! What a tragic indictment on your society! It’s time to grow up, and start caring about each other, instead of fearing each other.

Tim Alderman (C) 2015

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