Political Snippet! Whether “Peta” or “Peter”, the shit sticks!

Poor Peta Credlin! For the uninitiated, the FORMER chief-of-staff to the FORMER Prime Minister Tony Abbott! Seems she feels as though she copped a raw deal from both Cabinet ministers, and journalists! Well Peta…lets look at the last two jokes of years. As chief-of-staff, you are in a position of power! So much so that it is said that you, in fact, ran the country! Considering the fiasco of the last two years, neither you…nor your boss… did a very good job. A bully, by any other name or sex, is still a bully. And that is where your reputation will sit! Alienating ministers, denying them access to the PM…irrespective of how ineffective he is…is not a good move. Taking every opportunity to feather your own nest, be in every overseas photograph, making public commentary on issues, is NOT working quietly behind the scene! Your claims of sexism in regards to your position are just bull! Whether you are a “Peta” or a “Peter”, you would have had your butt kicked for sheer ineptitude!!

You are now out of office, so just shut up!

Tim Alderman (C) 2015

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