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Ochre Mound (part 4 of ‘The Northern Territory Suite’)

Uluru is the most overwhelming and the most spiritual place I have ever visited. To climb it was not only a great privilege, but a spiritual journey of humbling proportions.

In the morning light I see it rise
High above the desert in its red glory.
Smooth as glass, glazed like finest pottery
It speaks of eons past, of other wars and rituals
Of times long ago, now quickly gone.
Its base of sacred places where none but the initiated may go
Of waved rocks and spirit art telling tales of rich domains
Of animals, plants and water to feed the many tribes
Who worship here still in the silence, and long ago dreaming.
Heat shimmer in the sun, blackened stains from waterfalls
That form during the rains.
We stand, waiting as if for a sign to climb this holy place
A chain our guide, a line at our feet.
We hesitate, fear can be our greatest guide
To claim only in our memories a vision of this holiness,
We bend and touch with our hands.
A great spiritual journey is about to begin.
We climb.

Tim Alderman
(C( 2001


Sunset #1 (part 6 of ‘The Northern Territory Suite’)

Fire ball of burning heat
Sinking toward the shadow of night.
Dark ochre stain on monolith.
We stand against the Desert Rose, starkest mauve in its flower
. Light violet stain on monolith
Orb of light sinks deeper still.
A lizard, startled haste, runs by.
Dark purple stain on monolith
Spinifex sway in gentle warming breeze,
Desert grasses set by Gods to survive this parched land,
And provide life to those who know
Its myriad weaving ways
Dark blue stain on monolith.
The orb slowly slips from sight,
Brief halos of light like a saint’s crown surrounds the ochre mound.
Dark blue stain fades to black.
The sun is going.
Another night descends to infuse all things with invisibility.
The sun is gone

Tim Alderman
(C) 2001