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Daily (Or When The Mood Takes Me) Gripe: Breaking the Internet

WTF with Kim Kardashion reportedly “breaking the internet” by showing her bum! My worked fine through the whole episode…and no, I haven’t seen it. Will google it now, and get back to you….*leaves WordPress and googles Kim Kardashion’s fat arse*

Well, wasn’t that interesting! Firstly a photo of her in a thong *shudders* with an inflatable bum..no bull. It’s very. ….fat.. Then a news item on a furore over a Facebook ban…who cares, Facebook, you are run by a pack off pricks anyway…of a photo of a birthing mothers bum (why you would even think of posting this is beyond me! Seriously!) yet allowed the photograph of Kimmy’s fat, photoshopped, oiled derrière! If it was really that size, problems everywhere from buying clothes to booking plane seats! As a gay man, I have one word for it…HIDEOUS!

If it was Hugh Jackman’s, or Ryan Gosling’s…Bradley Cooper’s…Brad Pitt’s…Matthew MacConahey’s, Zac Efron’s…Daniel Craig’s…then I’d say break the internet, as gay men worldwide race to download it

But let’s get to the crux of this “breaking the internet” bullshit…the Cult of the Kardashion’s itself! The hole in the ozone layer above their homes must be huge! If ever a family could lay claim to starting carbon pricing…this is the one! The phrase most associated with them is “a waste of oxygen”.

Now, one could say this sounds like sour grapes – and in a way it is, as I can’t stand any of them – but really, this plague on humanity started in 2007, when a nobody family doing nothing became an E! hit. Obviously a lot of people with the attention span of a gnat or with no taste in entertainment created this moldy snowball! Let’s face it, anyone who names all their daughters with “K” names (Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, Kendall & Kylie) leaves a lot to be desired in the originality sweepstakes! Not to forget the “momsger” Kris, famous only for marrying Bruce Jenner…an athlete and now motivational speaker and television personality, and whose looks deteriorated rather quickly.

But back to the arse – which belongs to the greatest waste of air – Kim. Doing nothing more than cashing in on being the biggest airhead in the series, her mother has now ensured that she has become the families “spokeswoman” and media mouthpiece! Along with her marriage to Kayne West, her shoes, clothing, perfume lines are all she has, and there are plenty around who do it better than her. She is nothing less than an example of how selling yourself on social media, and having the E! publicity machine behind you can make you mire famous than you deserve to be.

No Kim, your arse did not break the internet, however, it dud gain you more publicity. It would seem that being a media whore is something you are very good at,

Tim Alderman
(C) 2014