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Yellow Waters – Kakadu (part 18 of ‘The Northern Territory Suite’)

The Yellow Waters tour of the flood plains of Kakadu National Park is essential for any top end visitors.

Wetland, flood plain,
Waters as old as the dessert that surrounds.
Flood lines in trees, natures litter
Far above our heads.
Floating eye of crocodile drifts quietly by
As birds, unafraid of their awaiting fate
Call to one another, and fly about us.
Giant water lilies crawl along the shores
Flowering in unexpected colour
In the humid air.
We float gently along, low tide of seasons
Keeping us to our path.
Along a gentle flowing billabong
Caused only by the absence of rain
Takes us to places bountiful still,
Feeding generations of natives
Who ventured here to fill
Food baskets, empty stomachs.
We leave a watery horizen behind.

Tim Alderman
(C) 2001


Sunset #2 (part 20 of ‘The Northern Territory Suite’)

Rock in ancient sacred land
Ubirr by name
Lost in endless time.
One side, seasonal floodplain
Other grasslands green.
A golden disc sinks slowly
Toward the distant horizon line
Reflected by water
Coloured by clouds
That float like distant shores.
We sink down on knees
Adoration of natures might
Quiet surrounds us as we watch
The sunset become the dark
The dark that is night.
The stars appear from the disappearing rays
We turn quietly for home
A silence most profound
The sun is gone

Tim Alderman