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Straight Guys Reveal Why They Love Bottoming. NSFW

One straight guy said: ‘[It] really makes a man out of you’

Josephrucker | Instagram

More and more straight men are into bottoming, at least according to one prominent sexpert.

It’s a phenomenon known as pegging and it’s the idea of a woman performing anal sex on a man, usually with a dildo or strap-on.

Sex columnist Tracey Cox says her blog posts about anal play get the most clicks out of any other posts.

‘Pegging was the hottest sex trend in 2016,’ she wrote. ‘And far from being a fad, is fast becoming something most couples try at least once.’

‘I remember writing about pegging about 20 years ago and everyone’s reaction was “What! My boyfriend/husband’s not gay, why the hell would he want me to do that to him?”‘

But a recent thread on Reddit is helping to dispel myths about straight men liking anal pleasure.

The thread starts off with a straight guy asking for tips on how to bottom.

He writes: ‘I just found out my girlfriend plans on pegging me tomorrow.

‘I can’t really say no since I promised her a weekend of submission, allowing to indulge in things like spanking, foot worship and forced nudity, but this is something new,’ he said.

He eventually asks: ‘So what does it feel like?

One user responds: ‘As someone whose girlfriend pegs him VERY regularly, pushing out makes it feel even better, especially when you’re near orgasm. Also, the usual advice: LUBE, LUBE, AND MORE LUBE.’

Another warned: ‘Be careful, dude.

‘This is probably the one time you don’t want to be hyper-masculine. If you feel pain, then speak-up,’ he said.

‘Getting pegged really makes a man out of you’

Sunday World recently asked their straight male readers if they’d ever tried pegging and found some surprising answers.

27-year-old man, with the pseudonym Kamogelo said: ‘I told her [his girlfriend] I wanted to be penetrated with a dildo and when she did it, I reached climax in the most satisfactory manner.

‘I have never felt like that before; it was amazing,’ he said.

Similarly, PopBuzz interviewed 10 straight guys about their bottoming fantasies.

Devin from Detroit said: ‘When I get pegged by my wife, it allows me to better understand what it is like for her when she sits on top of me. And so once a month, she puts on her piece and I ride her for a little bit.’

Brad from Chicago said: ‘Getting pegged really makes a man out of you.

He continued: ‘We first started out with a four inch strap on… and then a six inch. I’m happy to report that today, we are up to a full 10 inches. Our goal for the new year is 12 inches! Soon, I’ll be a power bottom!’

Kent from Santa Fe said: ‘One night when I was drunk, I talked to my girlfriend about it. Before I knew it, I was bouncing on it like it was some kind of toy.’

Are you a straight guy who enjoys pegging?