With or Without You

You created a space
When youth still clung to me
Created a space
That lived on either side
You did not touch
You did not feel
You did not love
And yet I move on
With or without you.

The choice was yours
To live a life divorced from mine
To know not the ways
Of my hands or my heart.
Yet I succeed
Still I flourish
And I did it
With or without you.

The pain you hold is yours alone
I gave you a chance to share
A way to see my myriad talents
A way to share my life
Yet you chose instead solitude
A cutting of the cord
And left to stagger alone
With or without you.

There are now things you will never know
And I, likewise
Live uninformed.
If you pass, I know not
Life goes on
With or without uou

Tim Alderman
(C) 2010

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