Daily (Or When The Mood Takes Me) Gripe: G20 Wankfest

G20 – happening in my city as I type – unfortunately! What a major waste of taxpayer money! World leader wankfest for….yeah…ah…nobodies worked that one out yet! I dare say the hot air produced could power a small city!

The best a news reporter could come up with this morning in regard to the sheer excitement of Obama’s plane landing was to tell us that it was avoiding Brisbane airport – obviously not classy enough – and going n to land at…Amberley Air Force Base! I got so excited about this that a little bit of wee just happened! Could turn into excitement overload at this rate. Note to self: stock up on “Depend”.

There are areas…and this is serious…where you can’t carry surfboards, reptiles and…wait for it…eggs. I wonder if they are frisking for melons (look out ladies!) banana’s and avocado’s. If you are into S/M or B&D I’d avoid the area all together. If you are a chicken…don’t whatever you do, don’t cross the road.

Naturally,to ensure that we remain a fascist state for the week of the wankfest, police have been given extra powers! Of course, that will never be abused…not! And special marshal’s who ai believe will be armed! Talk about overboard. I hope there are so many protests they can’t keep up with it

And not to forget the amount of hard-earned taxpayer dollars that it will cost…in the area of half a billion dollars! Yes, you did read that right!h i have just waited 9 months to get an appointment with an eye surgeon at RBH, and now have to wait another 6 months to get an operation! This is half a billion dollars that not only could have gone into health care – where it is badly needed – But you would actually see results from it!

Why gas this fucking wankfest have to be hosted – and paid for
– by a different city every time it!s on? Haven’t these “world leaders” heard of Skype, or any of the other conferencing apps! Put it on Facebook and Twitter and give us the opportunity to comment! “Likes” would be bloody rare!

But that is only part of the issue. A bigger issue is that…this is OUR city that we are being denied access to, being herded in, being cut off from! We are being denied the freedom to access any part of our city. We are also seeing citizens being denied their democratic rights, arterial road closures, and a multitude of other disadvantages! Most idiotic of all – removing garbage bins and telling people to hang onto their rubbish. Really want to protest? Dump your rubbish on the road and make them clean it up! Thr chaos to come, the overboard security (terrorists only use garbage bins, you know!) far outweighs any money it will bring in. This has already been ventured by journalists. Life in the exclusion zones must be a nightmare.

And what comes out of the G20? Absolutely bloody nothing! It is ideas being workshopped! Doesn’t matter what great ideas they come up with, doesn’t !matter how much knuckle caning goes on…absolutely nothing enforceable!

I have a great idea! Next time around, boys…my suggestion…the Tanami desert!

World leaders…Fuck off and leave us in peace! And learn to use technology you knuckleheads!

Tim Alderman
(C) 2014


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