Daily (Or When The Mood Takes Me) Gripe: Being 60!

WTF! Since when did turning 60 move me into the world of the addled dolts! I look in the mirror and see a guy who has aged, for sure, but not so that I can see a retirement in my near future. In fact, as far as a mature aged guy goes, I don’t look all that bad at all! I still have all my hair, it is still primarily black, body is gym-toned and looking a bit bulked up, not many wrinkles to speak of, grooms well, and dresses in trendy clothing though for my age. So why is it that so many think I’m an idiot!

Don’t get me wrong! This attitude that I am a gullible dolt doesn’t come from friends and acquaintances. It is the sole territory of young shitheads on sex sites! Excuse me while I B-Pay some funds to Russia so that yet ANOTHER personal trainer can escape his life of misery and deprivation there, and join us in the land of fucking eternal sunshine and imbecility!

Has happened to me four times in the period of one week! Four 20-somethings that think grandpa Timmy is the National Treasury, and either a free ride to the Promised Land, or a subject of ridicule! Now…I know all 60-year-olds aren’t computer and internet savvy…but this one is! I’ve survived enough Nigerian millions which are possibly still on there way, and had enough relatives that I knew nothing about – that lot didn’t know my hobby.. is genealogy – dying and leaving me zillions…just forward us your banking details and we’ll get this money to you right away…to know when someone is taking the piss!

Funny how they often trip themselves up! This one on Saturday night appeared on Grindr. There was a chat window with a picture posted in it of a very cute 20-something.,no profile! Thought that was very odd but proceeded with chat anyway. Mentioned he was visiting and going out…a bit further down said he was arriving on Sunday. The usual dirty talk…said ye was staying at McDowell…was willing to supply condoms and travel here…would message me on Monday…knew he wouldn’t and he didn’t! But I’m not sure what it was all about. He got no information off me, no personal stuff like address…maybe he worked out I’m poor snd just gave up lol.

Then you have the guts from India looking for hubbies in a little hit too much of a rush…and if you respond suddenly there is a rush of them! And always in too much of a hurry to move on to Skype.

The Asian guys who respond to profiles 60-seconds after all t goes up…without even reading it, and always between 20 and 24.

The “Blow ‘n Go” guys nearly always in their early 20s…and on Grindr!

Guys who don’t read your profile, so miss the information about raw sex!

Or sites like BBRTS which are a total waste of time if you are over 60! Plenty of ‘oinks’ but no bloody subsequent action…though a good site for excuses as to why none!

Hey guys…would it shock you to find out I’m still sexually active! I’m not dead! I.m not wrinkly and saggy! I don’t smell of old person! I don’t really want sex…or scams…or rip-offs…from people a third my age!

Get a life, guys. Don’t waste my time…it’s as precious as yours. Read my fucking profile and respond to what I want..las I do to yours!

I’m not an imbecile nor a dolt!

Don’t treat me as one!

Tim Alderman
Copyright 2014


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